Healthy and proper nutrition in older people can be influenced by various factors and the most important among them is the composition of the organism. Moreover,the body changes over the years and loses bone and muscle mass and builds-up fat easily.

This is because the hormones in older people are not functioning properly. Different factors affect the health in older people. In this article, we will give you several foods you should consume in order to have a healthy life regardless of your years.

  • Water – as the body gets older the water lowers and that’s why older people can easy dehydrate. They do not feel thirsty or they simply find it hard to go and grab some water. However, older people need to consume one ounce water for 2.2 pound os weight.
  • Protein -in the older years of life, protein consumption is of a crucial importance. This is because protein keeps the muscle mass and the health of the immune system in the body.8-Nutrients-Older-Adults-Need Also, older people don’t need much energy and that is another reason for them to consume protein like eggs, lean meat, poultry and fish.

Carbohydrates and fiber

  • Carbs – provide the body with the energy it requires. Products that are rich in carbs are bread, pasta, cereals and different grain foods. Also, an eating regimen that consist of lots of water and fibers can help you avoid constipation.
  • Fat – older people should consume fat but in smaller amounts. They should lower the fat intake by consuming lean meat, diary foods that are low in fat and also avoid fried food.
  • Iron – older people that don’t eat enough can lack iron. Lean red meat and cereals contain great amounts of iron.
  • Zinc – older individuals don’t consume much zinc and also their organism doesn’t absorb it properly. In order to intake the proper amounts of zinc you should eat meat, fish and poultry.
  • Calcium – older individuals don’t consume the proper amount of this mineral as well. Many people think that drinking milk can disturb their stomach and they don’t drink it. In addition, the proper requirements of calcium are 1.500 milligrams per day. You can utilize milk in powder instead of milk in every recipe you prepare. Products like yogurt, low fat cheese and broccoli will give you the proper amount of calcium daily.
  • Vitamin B12 – the stomach develops gastric intrinsic factor that has the function to absorb the vitamin B12.  The majority of the older people are lacking this vitamin because they suffer from a condition known as atrophic gastritis.  Additionally, this health condition develops stomach inflammation and help the bacteria develop even more.

Every single nutrient of the list is crucial for the health of the elderly. They should practice a balanced eating regimen and be as active as possible. If older people take proper care of their organism they will be healthy and in good shape, despite of their age.