MOST SPECIES belonging to the subgenus Coffea originate in Madagascar and neighboring islands, while a smaller number of species are native to continental Africa. The two main coffee species are Coffea arabica L. and Coffea canephora Pierre. The coffee tree is a tree-sized plant. The coffee is harvested with the red fruit, from which the pulp and the bark are extracted, taking advantage of only the green coffee.

Green coffee therefore designates coffee beans in their raw state, before being roasted, from the Arabica and Robusta species. In the green coffee bean, the presence of chlorogenic acids is higher than in the roasted coffee beans

Green coffee benefits

Coffee provides flavor, aroma and color to various culinary dishes. In the food, the coffee beans or the coffee beverage are used to obtain contrasts between their bitter taste with, for example, the sweet taste of the desserts.Green-Coffee-Bean-Extract-Can-Help-You-Lose-Weight Coffee is a very consumed drink, simple or mixed with other beverages: milk, soy, soft drinks, etc.

From a nutritional point of view, the coffee beverage provides vitamin b3 (niacin), potassium and magnesium, and its caloric value is negligible (4 kcal / 100 g). Each cup of coffee has, on average, a caffeine content of 115 mg.

Why is it consumed?

Coffee has several compounds, of which caffeine stands out. Caffeine has a stimulating action at the level of the central nervous system, contributing to the reduction of sleepiness and fatigue. It also promotes intellectual activity, improving attention, concentration and memory capacities. Besides caffeine, coffee has numerous other compounds, such as chlorogenic acids, quinides, lignans and trigonellin.

Green coffee

The green coffee bean has been the subject of several studies. It has been found that, for example, in the green coffee bean the presence of chlorogenic acids is higher than in the roasted coffee beans. In several recent studies these compounds have been shown to contribute to the reduction of postprandial glucose and its absorption by the intestine, in effect in reducing the accumulation of body fat.

There are also patented extracts of green coffee, among which the plant extract of decaffeinated green coffee (caffeine content <2%) rich in active constituents. Help in controlling body weight comes from the inhibition by the chlorogenic acid of the glucose-6-phosphatase enzyme.Green-Coffee-Benefits Chlorogenic acid has also been shown to decrease the absorption of fat ingested through food and, on the other hand, promotes a thermogenic effect even though it does not contain doses of caffeine with a stimulating effect. In this way, it helps to avoid the accumulation of peripheral fat without presenting contraindications at the cardiac level.

How to consume the green coffee extract?

Currently there are dietary supplements that provide patented dry extract of green coffee and ensure the presence of at least 45% chlorogenic acid per capsule, a dose that research has associated with the benefits described for weight reduction. In concrete, it is suggested to take 200 mg to 400 mg of green coffee bean extract per day.